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Concise guide to getting up to speed on core information security topics

Review on Amazon by Ben Rothke from March 31st, 2017

Mark Twain said that “if you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” With that, one of the challenges of working in the information security field is staying current. If an information security professional were to go on sabbatical (what a thought); by the time they came back from their escape, the information security world would be a very different place. And for such a person, they’d find their level of professional development somewhat diminished.

In Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now: Game Changing Concepts on AI and Cyber Governance Solutions for Executives, authors Christophe Veltsos and Paul Ferrillo have written a practical guide to help information security and IT professionals understand and manage the ever-changing environment of information security and data risk.

The following are the 11 chapters in the book, and they provide the reader with an easy to read overview of the current status of information security and risk:

Time to Take Back Control of your Cybersecurity Now
Federal Regulation and Oversight — Today and Tomorrow
Understanding and Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Spear Phishing Attacks — Don’t Take the Bait! Don’t Click on the Link!
Incident Response — Plans, Reality, and Lessons Learned
Using Cyber Intelligent Solutions to Defeat Hackers (or at least level the playing field)
Cybersecurity Fiduciary Duties of Directors and Officers
Insurance for Cyber Exposures; Critical Considerations for Effective Insurance Purchasing
Cyber Risk Reporting and Governance
Trust But Verify — Asking the Tough Questions
The Great Miracles and Challenges of Cloud Computing

The book lays out the tasks that need to be done to ensure the entire lifecycle of information security tasks are dealt with. The many suggestions are strategic and tactical, to which the reader can ensure the items are appropriately tasked.

The word control in the title is intentional. With the problem of shadow IT, where systems (and often very large ones) are deployed outside the purview of the CIO, CTO and CISO; IT quickly becomes and out of control area. The book is meant to regain control from a security perspective.

This is a handy read for anyone who wants to know about the current state of information security, and what the best practices are to ensure their enterprise is effectively dealing with the most challenging threats. The book provides just enough information and data to be used as good starting point. What it lacks in depth, it makes up in breadth.

The authors write in a clear and easy to read style that is both elucidating and an interesting read. While meant for those tasked with information security duties; anyone involved in security, information technology or data management will certainly find a lot of value in Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now.

The #CyberAvengers Playbook

And don’t forget The #CyberAvengers Playbook (2017 Edition), The Non-Technical, No Nonsense Guide For Directors, Officers, and General Counsels.

ybersecurity, as many organizations practice it today, is broken. Everybody is feeling the pressure as competitors and partners alike dread a breach. Leadership can’t be left in the dark due to technobabble, a lack of resources, or excuses as to why cyber risk cannot be measured.

FireEye is proud to support the new eBook, The #CyberAvengers Playbook: Doing the Little Things (and Some of the Big Things) Well (2017 Edition). This short guide is designed to give you actionable items that could help any organization improve its cybersecurity posture.

Download the eBook and pick up the following tips from the #CyberAvengers:

  • Oversight duties: Learn to view risk from an enterprise perspective in an era where accountability and fallout costs are surely going to grow.
  • Cyber risk: Why it matters and how to wisely spend your limited resources.
  • Communication gaps: Cybersecurity is not an IT-only issue, so do not be afraid to speak your mind. We show you which questions to ask.
  • Response and continuity: Even the best-tested plans can go out the window during a time of crisis. Learn to minimize the fallout.
  • What’s happening in 2017 and what to expect in 2018: From the ransomware scare to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect, business is becoming more expensive. We try to help you save wherever you can.